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RFID Solutions for Corporate Organizations

Today’s corporate world demands safe and secure premises for its employees for a more productive and enhanced work experience. In the past years the same has been achieved through manual methods of security and other HR procedures. Success has been identified through those methods but the need for an automated version of the same procedures has been seen in recent times.
Automation technologies like Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) based access control, Parking Management Solutions, Tracking of valuable assets within the office premises etc are the talk of the town for enabling the above processes.

Protecting any building with smart and intelligent systems has also become a need of the hour. We hear about fire hazards, unauthorized movement of people within a gated community which eventually cause destruction and huge losses to large business houses. Taking pro active steps to save such loses is something that has to be majorly focused upon by corporate players.

Rasilant’s unique integrated solutions cater to such requirements of event access control, parking management, security surveillance etc. Following is a list of solutions that can be incorporated within corporate parks to ensure complete automation and safety.

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Government Organizations today manage their operations and processes manually. Right from securing their premises to day to day data management, it is all executed manually. Government organizations with their arms spread out throughout the country find it difficult to optimize their manpower to ensure smooth operations.

These disabilities can be overcome by the automation tool, which transcends them from using pen and paper to software based operations. Rasilant’s close association with such bodies and their expertise in solving business hurdles has enabled them to develop solutions based on Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) and other Automation Technologies

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The current housing industry in India has emerged as the most vibrant and dynamic sector for the country’s economy as well as real-estate industry, with the entry of numerous real-estate developers, availability of finance schemes, and increasing demand for residential property.

Our observation is that the Indian housing industry has shown strong growth over the past few years. Moreover, with continuously rising population, growing aspirations, increasing nuclear families and rapid urbanization, the housing sector in India is anticipated to register a strong growth in the coming years.

Due to the growing aspiration and high spending capacities within the family, consumers are willing to pay a premium price for the luxurious amenities while buying a property. Moreover the current trend is that the developers promote their property with educating the consumer on the various facilities offered by them and how useful it can be for the consumer under one umbrella of all the amenities in the property.

With the current trend of the market growth and high spending power of the consumers, Rasilant technologies sites a huge potential for its RFID solutions in this sector where Rasilant technologies could  promote their  secure parking management solution ( Park – ID), Biometric access control system  for an restricted entry / exit for people and the visitors , 24/7 surveillance products  installed in these premises which form as a complete package of security solutions for the people residing in these complexes.

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RFID Solutions for Healthcare

The healthcare industry today experiences a lot of lose in terms of assets and patients’ lives. These concerns have to be addressed on an immediate basis in order to prevent losses and credibility. Solutions that automatically track and locate assets within the hospital, automatically send alerts to doctors who are not in the vicinity of the patient in case of immediate attention, administer the correctness of procedures performed on the patients by doctors etc are of prime focus for automation driven organizations.

Proper protocols and the use of radio frequency identification (RFID) technology could prevent such outbreaks by ensuring instruments are properly tracked and classified. This and other RFID applications can provide significant benefits to the healthcare industry to ensure patient safety and improve supply chain efficiency.

RFID is now generating significant interest in the marketplace because of its robust application capabilities. RFID enables healthcare facilities improve overall safety and operational efficiency because it operates without line-of-sight while providing read/write capabilities for dynamic item tracking.

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RFID Solutions for Education & Schools

Education in Asia is coming of age and an attempt to meet global standards with holistic education and a secure environment conducive to students and faculty is of prime importance. Schools and Colleges today operate on very primitive technologies for the management and security of their patrons.

A complete enhancement of functions and processes can be achieved through automation technologies for better management and security. RFID based solutions like Campus Management, Library Management; Time Attendance Tracking Systems find a perfect fit in these scenarios.

Rasilant Technologies, with its expertise in the field of automation and pool of experience through industry experts, has developed solutions which integrate the various processes within a campus and build them on a single platform, making it easier and hassle free for people to use.

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Radio Frequency Identification Technology (RFID) is rapidly gaining ground in the supply chain industry. One avenue where it can provide significant advantages is to track, secure and manage items from the time they are raw materials through the entire life of the product. Manufacturers can especially benefit from RFID because the technology can make internal processes more efficient and improve supply chain responsiveness. RFID can provide immediate and tangible benefits throughout the supply chain. Organizations who take the time to understand the technology’s capabilities and limitations can increase their inventory visibility while streamlining their operations.