Park ID- RFID for Car Parking System

Car parking has always been a hassle – you are stuck behind a queue of cars trying to enter parking area, and then you have to wait to show authentication and/or pay manually. This is all before you have to circle around to find a parking space and go through the same experience while exiting the parking lot. Not anymore. With Rasilant’s ParkID, an RFID based automated parking management system, you can drive through the parking lot unimpeded and without the need of any human interaction.

Park ID is a comprehensive automation solution for parking management needs of corporate parks, commercial complexes, malls, pay and park facilities, and residential complexes. Park ID includes pay and park systems as well as advanced Ultra High Frequency (UHF) RFID based parking systems integrated with advanced security measures.

Turnkey RFID integration solution

Rasilant provides complete turnkey RFID integration solution starting with the consulting engagement for a detailed requirement analysis and solution design. We carry out extensive on-site assessment and evaluation of the existing infrastructure along with a thorough review of the traffic conditions to design the best solution to improve the parking experience for all the stakeholders. Post survey and requirement analysis, we install and maintain the systems along with providing adequate trainings for on-site management of the systems.

Park ID integrates various components of RFID tracking, combining customized RFID software with RFID readers and tags for speeding up the vehicle authentication and admission process. Park ID software also makes keeping logs and tracking vehicle movements easier along with a tool for central vehicle authentication and access control. Various versions of the product allow for integration with different security technologies along with the use of various RFID technologies.

Why RFID for parking management?

RFID technology not only adds a security layer to parking management, but also enhances the whole parking experience, with drive through technology and faster authentication systems. With the prevalent use of High Frequency (HF) RFID technology for access control at buildings and offices, an HF based parking system becomes just an extension of the existing system with minimal additional hardware requirements. An RFID system also makes capturing data faster and easier for better audits and parking management.


Tag Park

UHF based parking automation solution, used widely in corporate parks around the world, couple with dynamic messaging system makes for a pleasant and hassle free parking experience for the patrons. Faster authentication, automated parking guidance system, and centralized data management system makes for a great asset for security managers around the globe.

Pay and Park Systems

Rasilant has partnered with the leading manufacturers of pay and park system components and integrated its advanced parking management software to provide parking solutions for shopping malls and pay and park facilities. A new addition to our product suite, pay and park system has helped complete our product offerings to cater to all parking automation needs.


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