The ability to locate and track children is a vital issue to both parents and school staff. Identification and tracking can be achieved, with today technologies in different ways. Rasilant offers the following solutions for child safety: Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) – based tracking for locating children in predefined areas such as: Schools. GSM/GPRS based tracking for locating children anywhere. Radio Frequency (RF) – based tracking is for helping parents to keep an eye on their children wherever they are.

RFID, radio frequency identification is a most promising and growing technology for automatic identification and data capture of moving and non moving objects.

Student tracking is important to enhance security for children. Lack of ways to know where your child is results in:

  • Mishaps and missing children
  • Parents losing sleep due to continuous concern for their children’s safety
  • School authorities penalized heavily in case of a mishap
  • Children missing school and classes

Rasilant Solution for Student tracking provides instant results:

[av_list anim="fadeInRight" type="circle" style="divider divider-list"][av_list_item title="Know where your child is in real time"][av_list_item title="Helps teachers to record exact time of students' attendants for yearly review of a student's discipline."][av_list_item title="Alarm or Alert authorities by providing whereabouts of the child in real time"][av_list_item title="Time saving due to automated system"][av_list_item title="No manual maintenance of attendance registers. Removes chances of manual manipulation of attendance records."][/av_list]

Alert and Monitoring

[av_list anim="fadeInRight" type="circle" style="divider divider-list"][av_list_item title="School authority will be notified and or alarmed if any student or kids wants to go beyond the authorized area or premise."][av_list_item title="School authority will be able to track and monitor attendance of students at School at real time."][av_list_item title="Parents/guardians can be notified instantly and automatically in case of his/her child goes out of school before scheduled time."][/av_list]

Tag School Benefits:

Secure Premises

Automatic Attendance

Alert & Monitoring



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