CCTV Surveillance & Security Cameras

In today’s scenarios and environment security measures play a very important role in managing a setup or a gated community, which includes offices, schools, colleges, factories etc. Current methods of deploying these facilities are the conventional security guards. However reliability on such manpower cannot prove hundred percent accurate.

In order to overcome the errors caused due to manual management of security surveillance, Rasilant provides highly accurate CCTV/IP Cameras for effective and constant monitoring. These cameras can monitor movements at varied distances depending on the type of Camera used.

Rasilant also provides the uniqueness of integration of the camera software with any existing client applications.


[av_list anim="fadeIn" type="circle" style="divider divider-list"][av_list_item title="Constant monitoring and recording of all physical activities at all surveillance zones"][av_list_item title="Combination of fixed and PTZ camera systems for dynamic area vigilance and recording."][av_list_item title="Infrared Night Vision cameras for 24/7 monitoring at all critical locations with all weather enclosures for outdoor installations"][av_list_item title="Analog-IP dual system with hybrid DVRs for digital video recording and archival with high megapixel cameras for large area coverage and ensure no blind spots exist in critical areas"][av_list_item title="Visible artificial CCTV cameras also recommended to act as a deterrent to all potential wrong doers"][/av_list]

Strategic Implications:

  • 24 hour monitoring of activities
  • Monitoring from remote locations
  • Play back option of all the feeds
  • Enables alerts in case of threats
  • Secures premises

Integrated Building Management System (IBMS)

This era of development in India has seen the expansion and growth of a culture that not only caters to the employment needs of the population but also provides an all around experience for an employee working in any organization. This speaks of nothing but the large corporate houses spanning the horizon of the nation and also huge IT parks and other commercial stand alone structures.

Security and Management of these buildings posts a challenge to the administrators in more than one ways. Hazards like Fire, unrestricted entry of people and vehicles, communication methods are few of the many challenges. These challenges are overcome by exploring automation technologies that help the management secure their premises and also help conveying messages and distress alarms to the occupants in a very short span of time.

Rasilant Technologies here provides a holistic Security and Automation Solution which achieves a Fool – Proof and uncompromised security, Systemized access control, automatic and convenient visitor management system and Intelligent Tracking & Monitoring of Activities.


The Solution is divided into three Tiers:

Tier 1 – Information Management:

  • Centralized Monitoring System
  • Integrated Management Server

Tier 2 – Building Automation:

  • Building Management for individual locations
  • Access Control using RFID Reader
  • Monitoring and Tracking of Activities using IP/CCTV surveillance cameras
  • Public Address Systems to alert the occupants in the premises
  • Fire Alarm Systems to alert occupants from fire hazards

Tier 3 – Perimeter Security

  • Perimeter surveillance using CCTV/IP cameras
  • Visitor Management
  • Vehicle Access Control

Strategic Implications

[av_list anim="fadeInLeft" type="circle" style="divider divider-list"][av_list_item title="Extensive Security measure to any premises"][av_list_item title="Automation of processes eliminates human errors"][av_list_item title="Continuous Surveillance establishes a fear of being tracked"][/av_list]

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